SLYSTEEL Introduces the CUMA Lone Survivor Bushcraft Kukri Knife Today at Blade Show 2015


Atlanta, Georgia—SLYSTEEL introduces its latest knife design the CUMA Lone Survivor today at Blade Show 2015. Waysun Johnny Tsai is a TOPS knife designer and world renowned martial artist and combat instructor. Johnny joined forces with Oliver Hannan of SLYSTEEL to create a bushcraft kukri knife. The CUMA Lone Survivor is made in the USA and manufactured by TOPS Knives. The CUMA Lone Survivor took more than two years to design and six months to test. The final knife design has resulted in a remarkably well balanced and versatile survival tool. It combines the functionality demanded by modern outdoorsmen while remaining faithful to its inspiration.

SLYSTEEL Introduces CUMA Lone Survivor Bushcraft Kukri Knife Today at Blade Show 2015

The CUMA Lone Survivor Combines Two Highly Successful Designs Into One

The new SLYSTEEL CUMA Lone Survivor combines the elements of two highly successful Johnny Tsai designs — the TOPS Knives CUMA Takri and the Combat Ready Battle Cleaver. The blade shape is highly influenced by the CUMA Takri. Likewise, the knife handle descends from the Battle Cleaver. These two unique elements are part of what makes the CUMA Lone Survivor different from other bushcraft kukri knives.

The Kukri Design is Suited for Large and Fine Tasks

When grasping the curved spine and the handle, the shallow belly of the blade is centered. This creates an effective draw knife. Additionally, placing the finger guard between the index and middle fingers makes fine tasks easier. For instance, choking up in like manner allows fine control of the blade while feathering stock for kindling. An urban bottle opener can be found located forward of the thumb contour. Such a strategically located feature can also be used in the bush for pealing plant bark.

About the Company

Since 2013, SLYSTEEL has been guided by “the edge of innovation” and continues to live that mantra by designing and manufacturing unique knives that serve their owner in the most demanding circumstances without failure.

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