Spectre Combat Survival Knife

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The SLYSTEEL Spectre Combat Survival Knife is an effective dual-purpose combat and survival tool well-suited for self-defense, fieldcraft, and covert operations. 

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The SLYSTEEL Spectre Combat Survival Knife doesn’t limit the user to a single style or method of use. It is a very capable and versatile knife that supports users and operators in combat and survival scenarios. The Spectre is designed to be heavy enough to chop and hack, but also light enough and fast enough to move quickly. It is also designed with a center balance close to the choil of the split finger grip. It is because of this balance that the weight of the blade feels light and easy to maneuver. Additionally, the micarta handle spans the entire width of the finger choil, giving the user more comfort, purchase and precision for combat and survival tasks.

Versatile Combat Survival Handle

A knife’s handle is the “user interface” between the blade and the hand that wields it and the Spectre Combat Survival Knife is no exception and arguably has one of the most versatile combat survival handles available today. It accommodates chopping when choked back onto the fishtail pommel. The pommel lanyard holes give the user multiple options for securing the knife to the wrist for greater retention when desired. When choked up onto the split finger grip the weight of the blade settles neatly with your forefinger for control and speed. The thick micarta handle fills the entire palm for greater comfort and indexing. Micarta is known for its durability and textured grip, especially when wet.  

Numerous Survival Features

The Spectre Combat Survival Knife is designed to help operators survive hostile environments and life-threatening scenarios. The survival features incorporated into the knife are numerous and only limited by your imagination. The forward lanyard hole can be used as a bullet puller to separate bullets from cartridges as a last-ditch effort to ignite the included powder for fire starting. Cordage can also be looped through the forward and rear lanyard holes to wrap around the hand for additional retention when needed. The spine of the knife can be held comfortably as a draw knife because of the forward tumbled edge. The two-inch section of 90-degree spine can be used as a file card scraper to remove bark from branches or as a ferro rod striker. The more rounded, tumbled edge of the spine also prolongs the life of your baton when using it for splitting. The micarta handle also incorporates a spindle divot designed to simplify bow and spindle fire starting. 

Precision Manufacturing and Construction

The Spectre Combat Survival Knife is precision ground from 1095 high carbon steel on American CNC mills. The steel is differentially heat treated to a Rockwell of 56-58 for edge durability and toughness while keeping the spine more flexible and the blade more shock resistant during hard use. The polished primary grind reduces resistance for chopping and slicing. The user can inhibit corrosion of the polished grind by keeping it dry and lightly oiled after use. While the rest of the blade is Cerakoted to protect the remaining blade and tang steel from corrosion.  

Multi-Use Blade Design

The blade itself is a well-balanced, multi-use tool. The belly of the blade and grip options allow for seamless transition to heavy chopping and slicing. The clip point tip and recurve blade design allow for deep, penetrating thrusts like a bowie knife. The tip of the blade is instinctively in line with the middle of the user’s grip allowing for a natural tip alignment that improves thrusting capability and accuracy. The three-segment skeleton finger fuller design increases blade surface area for greater strength and is also a nod to the Spectre’s namesake; a skeleton finger pointing toward the enemy. 

Multiple Sheath Options

The Spectre Combat Survival Knife would not be complete without a multitude of sheath and carry options. Sheath options include Kydex, and nylon. Both sheath types are ambidextrous, MOLLE compatible, and Baldric compatible.  

Additional information

Weight 23 oz

23 oz

Knife Type

Fixed blade

Overall Length


Blade Length

9-3/8" / 9.375"

Blade Thickness

3/16" / .190"

Blade Steel



RC 56-58

Heat Treatment

Differential; blade edge and spine

Blade Finish

Black Cerakote, Clear Cerakote

Handle Material

Black Micarta w/ red liners

Knife Weight

18 oz

Sheath Included


Sheath Type

Nylon w/ acrylic insert & Belt loop, Kydex w/ Tek-Lok Universal Belt Clip, Kydex w/ MOLLE-Lok Small (Single), Leather w/ Tek-Lok Universal Belt Clip, Leather w/ MOLLE-Lok Small (Single)


Oliver and Christopher Hannan, SLYSTEEL


Made In Idaho, USA

4 reviews for Spectre Combat Survival Knife

  1. 5 out of 5

    Stephen Ogletree

    I was fortunate enough to try out the prototype for the Spectre and despite myself and the owner of the blade putting it through hell its durability held up. It is both a versatile and balanced knife with the type of quality craftsmanship you look for in a survival knife.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Oliver O. Pong

    Just picked up this knife today and I am impressed. The 3/16 inch thick blade feels bomb proof and sturdy. The edge came sharp and evenly ground. The handle feels very comfortable with any shape edges to blister your hand. The balance point is right in front of the handle making it easy to swing and chop. It has a well thought out fore finger groove for more precise work.

    I understand this blade was designed to perform equally well as a bushcraft/camp knife capable of splitting fire wood, batoning the back, slicing thin peels to make a fuzz stick to make kindling, striking it with a ferrous rod to make sparks, large enough to chop branches and small trees, etc. Yet it can equally serve as a combat knife with a generous belly for slashing and a sharp point and smooth curve for deep penetration. The balance is just right for quick changes of direction in mid stroke and does not feel heavy, just sturdy.

    I have not used it for any outdoors work yet as I just bought it, but the knife shows all the hallmarks of a well made, sturdy, blade designed for hard use in survival in either from the elements or in adverse personal contacts.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Michael Mccrory (verified owner)

    I love this knife. Christopher was helpful and very reachable. I would recommend this knife too anyone wanting a quality blade.

  4. 5 out of 5

    James Sides (verified owner)

    I just received my knife today. Wow, the craftsmanship and design are perfect. I’ve been searching for a while for a knife with the perfect balance of a hard use bushcraft tool and a combat/hunting knife. The search is over. The blade is light, very strong, and razor sharp. Took it out, did some chopping and batoning, the knife is amazing. I opted for the Kydex sheath with the Tek-Lok option. The sheath is perfect, exactly what I was looking for. Overall this blade is definitely worth the price if your on the fence, just get it, you won’t disappointed! Very good and fast service, only took 5 days to receive the knife. Thanks.

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