How to Build a Fire in the Rain with Jeff Zausch

Jeff Zausch building a fire in the rain

If you camp, backpack, or adventure out in the wilderness often enough, you have probably learned that a fire is not only a source of heat but also a source of comfort and joy. We humans just feel a lot more at ease in the darkness of the forest when we control the power of a flame.

Unfortunately, sometimes, the weather will make it difficult to build a fire. Sometimes, you will have to overcome the challenge of making fire during a downpour. But, strong as the elements are, you must be stronger. You must learn how to start a fire in the rain.

Oliver Hannan, the Founder of SLYSTEEL

Photo by Christopher Hannan of Oliver Hannan, the founder of SLYSTEEL, photographing new knife

I’m Oliver Hannan, the founder of SLYSTEEL. I founded SLYSTEEL in late November, 2013 with an idea for a unique knife design that would serve its owner in the most demanding circumstances without failure. That knife is the SLYSTEEL Shark Tooth Tactical. I also designed the smaller, but no less capable knife, Shark Tooth Hunter …

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