• Photo by Christopher Hannan of Oliver Hannan, the founder of SLYSTEEL, photographing new knife

    Oliver Hannan, the Founder of SLYSTEEL

    I’m Oliver Hannan, the founder of SLYSTEEL. I founded SLYSTEEL in late November, 2013 with an idea for a unique knife design that would serve its owner in the most ...

SLYSTEEL Introduces the CUMA Lone Survivor Bushcraft Kukri Knife Today at Blade Show 2015

Atlanta, Georgia—SLYSTEEL introduces its latest knife design the CUMA Lone Survivor today at Blade Show 2015. Waysun Johnny Tsai is a TOPS knife designer and world renowned martial artist and combat instructor. Johnny joined forces with Oliver Hannan of SLYSTEEL to create a bushcraft kukri knife. The CUMA Lone Survivor is made in the USA […]

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