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The SLYSTEEL Survival Kukri is a modern American interpretation of the Nepalese kukri.

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If you had to pick a single word to describe the SLYSTEEL Survival Kukri, it might be “versatile.”

The Survival Kukri is big enough to power through loads of splitting and chopping on the trail and small enough to stuff into a survival kit. It’s nimble enough to filet a fish lakeside and agile enough to handle fine feather sticking.

On top of all that, the modern survival kukri design manages to turn a survival knife into a piece you’ll be proud to display.

The Rich History of the Kukri

SLYSTEEL’s take on the kukri, the SLYSTEEL Survival Kukri, builds on the legendary history of one of the most iconic cutlery designs ever crafted.

You might hear a kukri described as a “Ghurka blade,” as it was an incredibly powerful tool of choice in the early years for Himalayan Ghurka soldiers, who still use kukri’s as highly capable multi-utility tools. Today, Ghurka soldiers are issued two kukri’s — one for ceremonial use and one for military exercises.

The versatility of the kukri design contributes to its continued widespread use in Nepal’s farms and homes. People in this region use the tool for a wide range of purposes: building, clearing, chopping firewood, digging, and processing animals, meat, vegetables, and even opening cans.

SLYSTEEL’s Survival Kukri is a modern interpretation of the iconic Kukri. Its design incorporates the Kukri’s classic styling with innovative functionality. Like all SLYSTEEL products, the Survival Kukri is created with the highest quality material in modern manufacturing facilities located in the heartland of the US.


Every inch of this survivalist must-have is the result of thoughtful design and consultation with real knife lovers. From the start, the SLYSTEEL team was committed to creating a tool so versatile and so powerful that a seasoned survivalist could theoretically set off with nothing more than their kukri and a rugged spirit.

Split Finger Grip

True to brand, every SLYSTEEL blade and handle, including the Survival Kukri, are ambidextrous, including the spindle divot. You’ll also notice:

  • The pommel is designed for retention.
  • The forward finger choil allows the user to choke up right next to the blade for fine work, such as feather sticking.
  • The tip of the blade is located directly beneath the handle when drilling your friction board divot.

Draw Knife

The shallow belly of the SLYSTEEL blade is centered, so the kukri can be used as an effective draw knife for stripping bark or shaft making for spears and arrows. Another notable drawing feature includes a tumbled finish of the forward half of the tool, contributing to a more comfortable grip.

The combination of features in the spine and handle provides functionality that the user can rely on in any survival situation. The Survival Kukri features challenge the modern-day survivalist to put it to the test on their next adventure.


The Survival Kukri’s unique spine design combines a ground square edge and a tumbled finish edge. The square spine edge allows for Ferro-rod striking and for working materials to create pliable cordage and more. The tumbled finish of the forward half of the blade provides for batoning with less damage to your baton than the square edge.

The spine also incorporates the unique Ferro-rod striking choil from the popular SLYSTEEL Skeletek Bushcraft.

Thick Handle and Fishtail Pommel

The Survival Kukri handle is thick Micarta for a comfortable grip that fills the palm. The Survival Kukri handle and soft jimping carry over the split-finger grip design of the SLYSTEEL Skeletek Bushcraft. The pommel is fishtailed for a secure grip when choking back on the handle. It also provides space for dual-lanyard holes to give the user options for lanyard placement.

Ambidextrous Spindle Divot

Thick Micarta material allows for a deeper spindle divot designed to simplify bow and spindle fire starting. The centered divot in the palm area provides maximum control.

Modified Kukri Blade Shape

SLYSTEEL positioned the deep belly of the Survival Kukri for the most effective chopping one could expect from a traditional kukri. The Survival Kukri improves on the original, offering more functionality and usability than the kukris of centuries past.

MOLLE Compatible Kydex or Nylon Sheath

Both sheath options offer the user many carry options and are completely ambidextrous. Attachment devices for different carry options make it easy to attach the Survival Kukri sheath to existing gear you may already use:

  • Nylon belt loop
  • MOLLE webbing
  • Blade-Tech MOLLE-Lok
  • Blade-Tech Tek-Lok adjustable belt clip
  • Numerous UltiClip options

The nylon sheath allows the user to create a mini survival kit using surplus military MOLLE pouches.

Combined with multiple pouches and the right accessories, the well-trained survivalist will be exceptionally equipped for any emergency scenario:

  • Any Kydex sheath with the correct grommet spacing can be attached directly to the nylon sheath to carry additional cutlery for multiple cutting options.
  • The modern survivalist can combine other manufacturer’s accessories as well. For instance, using the Magpul Quick Disconnect hardware and sling with the nylon sheath, the user can create a baldric for shoulder carry.

Additional information


24 oz

Knife Type

Fixed blade

Overall Length


Blade Length

9-7/8" / 9.875"

Blade Thickness

3/16 / .190"

Blade Steel



RC 56-58

Heat Treatment

Differential; blade edge and spine

Blade Finish

Black Cerakote, Clear Cerakote

Handle Material

Tan and Black Micarta w/ red liners

Knife Weight

24 oz

Sheath Included


Sheath Type

Nylon w/ acrylic insert & Belt loop, Kydex w/ Tek-Lok Universal Belt Clip, Kydex w/ MOLLE-Lok Small (Single)


Oliver and Christopher Hannan, SLYSTEEL


Made In Idaho, USA

2 reviews for Survival Kukri

  1. 5 out of 5

    Jay M. Leeper (verified owner)

    The kukri is presented as a survival tool, and as such, can perform many needed tasks when required. The knife is comfortable in several handheld styles, and the nylon sheath is quite versatile, attaching to pack or belt, or wearing on a harness on the back. Weight can be justified when looking at the tools it replaces, and it carries well. Overall, a great choice for deep woods or an overnight camp out.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Nicholas k (verified owner)

    Even cooler in person. Great design and great quality. Fast shipping. 10/10

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